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For Kitchens to Large Industrial Applications

Durisan is the future in hand and surface sanitation.

Our product portfolio currently consists of  a wide variety of cutting edge products. Our alcohol-free hand sanitizer & wipes that kill 99.9% of illness causing germs* for up to 24 hours compared to alcohol-based sanitizer’s that last for 15 seconds. Our triclosan-free antimicrobial soap which protect for up to 24 hours. Our DEET-free Tick (T-Repel) & Mosquito (M-Repel) repellents are long lasting for up to 4 hours  and kill the yellow fever mosquito, the carrier of the Zika virus. Our USDA organic lip balm feature all natural ingredients to hydrate and revitalize chapped lips, and coming soon, our new surface sanitation technology which will change the way the world sanitizes surfaces.

Durisan’s proprietary binding technology is based in moisturizing and conditioning organic compounds and doesn’t irritate the skin, and our non-toxic, triclosan-free soap is water-based and meets the new FDA regulation on consumer antimicrobial soaps that was put into effect in September 2017.

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  • Water-based solution with natural and organic components.

  • A safe and family friendly formula that is odorless, alcohol-free and non-drying to your skin.

  • Durable, longest-lasting solution.

  • Made with organic and natural ingredients for environmentally friendly protection.