Like many of the most important discoveries in history, Durisan was originally developed for another purpose. Born in the Sanit Technologies laboratories as a solution for removing odor-causing bacteria from clothing, the scientists also learned this new mixture made a revolutionary hand sanitizer. Safe for humans and deadly for pathogens, Durisan is revolutionizing the way we use sanitizer.

Durisan's solution is unique. The active ingredient in Durisan, BZK instantly forms a protective layer and becomes an integral part of any surface. Durisan works mechanically, not chemically, by preventing microbes from building an immunity to BZK. Because the sanitizer does not need to be washed from the skin, it is highly convenient and serves as an excellent replacement when soap and water are not obtainable.

Traditional sanitizers are alcohol-based. Although alcohol-based sanitizers are effective in microbials, they come with numerous drawbacks. Alcohol-based sanitizers dehydrate and remove lipids and sebum from the skin. This may lead to an increased risk of infection. The side effects of alcohol-based sanitizer may be worsened by frequent use, especially for those with sensitive skin. The alcohol used in most hand sanitizers is also flammable and has been tied to incidents of a flash fire. Durisan sanitizer is alcohol-free, non-toxic, non-flammable, odorless, and can be applied throughout the day to ensure constant protection for you and your loved ones.

At its 30,000 square-foot Sarasota facility, Durisan’s highly skilled employees are working around the clock to meet society’s demands for antimicrobial solutions in a world where microscopic novel threats can put us all in danger.