Available in convenient consumer sizes for home or on the go! Durisan keeps your family safe from bacteria and illness causing germs. Durisan’s antimicrobial hand sanitizer is Alcohol Free! It is more effective and safer than alcohol based hand sanitizers! Our sanitizers and soaps are deadly to pathogens but are safe for the whole family including the fury four-legged ones.


Safe for students and teachers to use daily without the toxic smell of harsh chemicals. Daily use can reduce the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses on common classroom items like pencils, pens, and desks. Rest easy knowing students hands will be protected throughout the school day with the mechanical germ killing action of Durisan Hand sanitizer.


Share community resources not community germs. Common spaces and surfaces may be disinfected faster with our commercial fogger. Utilizing disinfectant active ingredients first responders have used for decades, they add an additional benefit of being non-flammable because they don’t rely on Alcohol to kill germs.


Durisan’s long-lasting hand sanitizer & wipes and antimicrobial hand soap provide a streamlined portfolio of products to address the many hand hygiene challenges facing the healthcare industry. Because Durisan products persist and coat where they are applied they continue to kill harmful bacteria long after they are used.


Guests can relax and enjoy themselves more knowing that a venue, hotel, or restaurant uses Dursan sanitizers. Durisan’s long-lasting hand sanitizer & wipes, are alcohol free (safe) and effective for up to 8 hand washes. The “Duri” in the name Durisan comes from it’s durability. Guests will remember the great times they had when using the convenient portable hand sanitizers long after visiting.


Manufacturing companies are challenged daily with preventing the transmission of bacteria, and Durisan has the perfect solution to meet the hand sanitation needs throughout your facility. With industrial sized, ready to use, solutions your staff and products will worry less about contamination found in manufacturing environments.


Tired of that funky smell that accompanies sports clothes after only a few times of being worn. Durisan has the solution. Our disenfectant formulation was originally developed to treat textiles and fabrics using a simple application that works for the life of the garment. The long lasting bond helps reduce bacteria that cause odor, staining, and discoloration even in your hardest working fabrics.


Durisan sanitizing wipes and fogger for large spaces address the transportation industry’s challenges with the spread of illness causing germs by their large volume of passengers. Not only safe and effective, Durisan products can be applied efficiently to treat a wide variety of fabrics, hand rails, arm rests and more to protect passengers by reducing germ transfer and not slowing down your operations.